Change Agents Deal With People & Should Follow These 4 Tips

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Change Agents Deal With People & Should Follow These 4 Tips

The role of the Change Agent is critical during any change initiative. And we hear it often from clients – they want to know the short list. What is the top handful of action items their Change Agents should focus on?

So it’s with that we’ve put together our top 4…

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4 Reasons the Effort to Develop a Standard Change Capability Is Worth It

The best Chief Learning Officers know there is a cost to developing improved change management capability.

Doing this must have a payback. Improved change management increases the potential for each change to be more successful. It also demonstrates an increased capacity for the organization to absorb multiple changes by developing resiliency.


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Rick’s Reflections | Ten Critical Success Factors to Identify & Diagnose Change

Identifying and Diagnosing Change is the major activity performed by change management practitioners according to the recently released Change Management Market Research Study conducted by the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP – 2013).   As I reviewed the results of this report, I couldn’t help but nod my head in agreement. …

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Innovation: Does Change Management Play a Role? 4 Tips to Ensure Successful Integration

A successful change is dependent on two key variables: a quality solution and the acceptance of that solution by the people who are impacted.

In most organizations undergoing change of any kind, the change management process is typically started after a quality solution has been generated. But that may be too limited of a view.


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