3 Things the Best Change Agents Do Differently

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3 Things the Best Change Agents Do Differently

Change agents facilitate the transition from old to new for employees.

Questions and concerns are an inherent part of the change process, and the way in which change agents deal with them determines whether or not change will stick.

What separates an ineffective change agent from an effective one? Here are the…

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Rick’s Reflections | Managed Change and a Global Affiliate Announcement

Managed Change™ is LaMarsh Global’s proprietary change management model that creates value for clients by reducing the financial and operational risks usually associated with change.

When I’m asked about Managed Change™ and why I’m such a strong advocate of the model, I often don’t know where to start. There…

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3 Tips to Achieve a Successful Change Transition

Not sure where to start? One of the goals with any change effort is to move from the past toward a new future.

But the future can be a paradox. If you could define your company’s future clearly, the change process would be easier. But a detailed definition closes off unanticipated opportunities.…

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The Top 3 Reasons Sponsors Resist Change

Sponsors play an instrumental role in the success—or failure—of change. If a sponsor isn’t whole-heartedly on board with the change or change process, it can have a crippling effect.

When people aren’t on board during a change in your company, it can make the process a lot more difficult…

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