We Care About Feeding America | Rick’s Reflections

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We Care About Feeding America | Rick’s Reflections

Join us in our commitment to contribute $10,000 to Feeding America with our own virtual food drive.

LaMarsh Global has pledged $5,000 and is challenging our family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and clients to match our donation. Each dollar contributed will provide ten meals to families in need across America. By leveraging…

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We’re Hiring!

LaMarsh Global is seeking an experienced Associate Consultant

As more and more organizations recognize the value of partnering with a LaMarsh Global team to provide change management support to their change efforts, we are seeking to enlarge our extended staff of Associate Consultants. Associate Consultants work in partnership with our staff Engagement…

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When Beliefs and Behaviors are Challenged by Change | Managed Change™ Insights

There is a great deal of talk among change management practitioners about the need to address culture in change.

Indeed, many changes are titled as culture change, even though they may involve much more than culture. It is a bow to the recognition that the culture is going to have to…

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Changing the Way Change Happens | Video Transcript

Forty years is a long time to be thinking about managing change well and in those forty years, I have seen a great deal of change in how organizations look at change management.

And I’m smiling as I think about it because it’s been an incredibly satisfying journey to watch what’s…

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LaMarsh Global Announces We Care About Veterans 2015 Committed to Community Campaign

LaMarsh Global could not be any prouder of our men and women in uniform.

We acknowledge both the comfort of strong esprit de corps and the idea of service before self, as well as the challenges and hardships of military service.  We also acknowledge that whether you served for 2 years…

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Change Agent’s Guide to Change Management | Free Download

So much is being written today about the tools to use in a well-managed change. But tools are only that: the forms and formats to gather data and build plans. Those tools are used in a process of managing change. That process is the core of a well-managed change.


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Changing the Way Change Happens | Video


In our sixth installment, Jeanenne LaMarsh explains what to do when organizations have an appetite for change management and provides more insight into building organizational change management capability.

Want more? View additional Managed Change™ Minutes episodes and access free change management resources.

What To Do When The Change Agent Is At Risk | Video Transcript

We’ve been able, as you have, to do a good job of defining what does a change agent do, but it’s also important for us to recognize this is actually a high-risk assignment. Your career, and the success of the change, is highly dependent on your ability to be a…

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