What is LaMarsh Global?

LaMarsh Global is a premiere, world-wide change management firm that provides a full range of advanced organizational change management consulting, learning, and training services for businesses and individuals.

The Managed Change™ Model and Methodology along with our overall change management thought leadership, client care, range of services and deep understanding of change have earned us trust and partnership from a portfolio of more than 500 organizations around the globe.

From startups to large multinational corporations, LaMarsh Global has helped organizations across all sizes and industries understand the value of — and meet their need for — effective organizational change management. Our proprietary Managed Change™ Model and Methodology leads the discipline and is the accepted standard for guiding companies through changes that encourage growth and vitality.

Our business goals are simple:

  1. Help executives, management and key Change Agents become aware of the dynamics, risks and challenges posed by organizational and individual resistance to a change of any kind
  2. Help internal project teams accurately identify the people who will have to change and the potential reasons they might resist the change
  3. Help mitigate and quickly eliminate the individual and organizational resistance to changes induced by the change
  4. Generate appropriate plans for sustaining the change once the implementation/conversion has been completed
  5. Transfer the skills and knowledge of applying the Managed Change™ Approach to the participating Change Agents so that they can apply Managed Change™ to the current implementation/conversion as well as future change projects, without assistance from LaMarsh Global