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Celebrating Change Management Certification for Veterans

Happy Veterans Day! As a USAF retiree, I’m so excited to share that LaMarsh Global recently facilitated a custom Managed Change™ Agent Certification program designed specifically for veterans last month in San Antonio, Texas. It was amazing that both active military members and current military veterans attended the session and that…

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What I Learned From Teaching Change Management In China


Even though it takes close to 14 hours to travel the more than 6,500 miles from Detroit Metro Airport to Beijing, as it turns out, that distance isn’t as significant as you might first think.

LaMarsh Global recently conducted change management training in Beijing, China through a successful Managed Change™ Agent Certification session. To…

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We Care About Veterans: LaMarsh Global Kicks Off 2015 Committed to Community Campaign


LaMarsh Global’s first annual, yearlong specific Committed to Community Campaign is We Care About Veterans.

The efforts officially kick-off with Managed Change™ Agent Certification for Veterans, a customized change management learning event on March 16 and 17 in Washington D.C. that will help military…

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Manufacturing Desired State Assessment | Free Download

Rolling out Corporate Led Initiatives as One-Size-Fits-All — I’m Sorry, What Did You Say? I said:  It’s Different Out Here – Can Anybody Hear Me?

Making successful change in larger, complex organizations requires an understanding of their different environments. Too often, enterprise-led changes are designed from the enterprise view of…

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LaMarsh Global Announces We Care About Veterans 2015 Committed to Community Campaign

LaMarsh Global could not be any prouder of our men and women in uniform.

We acknowledge both the comfort of strong esprit de corps and the idea of service before self, as well as the challenges and hardships of military service.  We also acknowledge that whether you served for 2 years…

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Hit and Run Change Management Efforts in Manufacturing Rarely Deliver Sustainable Results

“I’m from corporate and I’m here to help.”

It is my experience that many of the changes introduced in manufacturing facilities by corporate or enterprise teams often fail, or at best, deliver lackluster results. It isn’t that the change is a bad idea or not necessary.  In fact, many times the…

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