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Announcing Managed Change™ 2.0

LaMarsh Global’s Managed Change™ Model and Methodology have been modified to incorporate the insights and experiences garnered from thousands of global practitioners, businesses, and thought leaders and from our personal experience applying the model, processes, and tools.

The original framework is solid and remains intact. The enhancements reinforce the need for better…

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Introducing Expert on Demand [FAQs]

LaMarsh Global is pleased to announce our Expert on Demand virtual change management coaching and consulting support, where we’ll work with you exclusively to deliver virtual coaching and consulting sessions that address your specific business challenge.

Our expertise can help you scope a change project, hire and train resources, prepare for a…

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New Tool: Change Management Approach Selection Criteria Assessment


The Change Management Approach Selection Criteria Assessment tool will help your organization make an objective and thoughtful decision about the foundation of what will become the building blocks of your change management efforts.

Choosing the right change management model and…

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Sponsor Assessment Tool: How To Determine If Your Change Has Effective Sponsorship

LaMarsh Global’s free Sponsor Assessment Tool can be used by change management professionals and project teams to test current levels of sponsorship.

To complete the assessment, participants must rate how informed or effective they feel current Sponsors are in relation to fifteen important successful change management requirements. Then, use the formula in the Sponsor Assessment…

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Help Your Organization Understand Change Management Roles and Responsibilities

Successful Change Changes Everything: An Anthology of Role-Specific Change Management Guides is a free change management resource to help you and the people of your organization understand your roles in change and efficiently apply them.

We at LaMarsh Global argue that making that process visible is valuable to those individuals to ensure they…

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CEO to Host Workshop at ACMP® European Regional Change Management Conference

LaMarsh Global is pleased to announce that CEO Rick Rothermel will present at the 2015 ACMP® European Regional Change Management Conference in Brussels, Belgium on 18, September 2015.

Open to both ACMP members and non-members, Rick’s workshop will focus on the topic of Sponsors Behaving Badly – Tips and Techniques for…

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Managed Change™ Workshop Receives Accreditation from ACMP

LaMarsh Global recently gained the Qualified Education Provider™ (QEP) status from the Association of Change Management Professionals® (ACMP) for its Managed Change™ Workshop. ACMP’s goal is to advance the discipline of change management.

The QEP status signals to our current and future clients that our course aligns with The Standard,…

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Target’s Guide to Change Management

LaMarsh Global is proud to announce the publication of Target’s Guide to Change Management, a free eBook available for download today.

Over the years we have provided much support for change management practitioners whose job it is to help people impacted by change to move through the delta and successfully achieve new,…

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4 Action Plans to Address Resistance to Change | Managed Change™ Insights

Does Your Organization Have Them All?

The LaMarsh Global Managed Change™ Methodology lists four action plans to address potential or existing resistance to change. If you have attended a change management learning event of ours over the years, you know what they are:

Communicate what the Targets of…

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We’re Hiring!

LaMarsh Global is seeking an experienced Associate Consultant

As more and more organizations recognize the value of partnering with a LaMarsh Global team to provide change management support to their change efforts, we are seeking to enlarge our extended staff of Associate Consultants. Associate Consultants work in partnership with our staff Engagement…

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Change Agent’s Guide to Change Management | Free Download

So much is being written today about the tools to use in a well-managed change. But tools are only that: the forms and formats to gather data and build plans. Those tools are used in a process of managing change. That process is the core of a well-managed change.


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3 Tips to Keep in Mind When Identifying Targets of Change | Managed Change™ Insights

Stakeholder Analysis is a common term in the change management lexicon.  It is not a term used with LaMarsh Global Managed Change™.

We believe it is more valuable to separate the two elements of Stakeholder Analysis into the identification of the stakeholders in one tool and the analysis of their issues…

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Free Download | Change Management Scalability Guide

The art and science of scalability decisions made easy.

No single attribute defines the scale of change management support required in an organizational change. Really, no single attribute is more important than another. An aggregate view is what we need to consider when making change management scalability decisions. This is the…

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Three Stages of Change | Managed Change™ Insights

Why do we put so much emphasis on the stages of change?

If you are familiar with the Managed Change™ Methodology you know we put considerable emphasis and effort into addressing the Current, Delta and Desired State and spend a lot of time in these three elements of the project.

The goal…

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What Do You Do If You Don’t Have Time For Change Management? | Video Transcript

What do you do if you don’t have time for good change management? If the project is pushing you to get things done, it doesn’t mean we can cut anything out. That’s probably the most important lesson for us to remember. We had a situation just yesterday with a client…

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What Do You Do If You Don’t Have Time for Change Management? | Video


Join LaMarsh Global Executive Director of Consulting Services Jeanenne LaMarsh in her Managed Change Minutes™ debut talking about change management and what to do if time is an issue with your change initiative.

Want more? View additional Managed Change™ Minutes episodes and access free change management resources.

With Change Management, To Certify or Not to Certify is the Question

Many professions today either recommend or require what they are calling certification in order to be recognized as an expert. That is also true of change management.

But what is certification and what is the best source of change management certification for you?

LaMarsh Global believes the definition of certification is that…

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Free Download | 10 Minute Managed Change™ Triage Tool

Download and complete the 10 Minute Managed Change™ Triage to identify risks and opportunities with your change project:

Understand why changes fail and why it is important to manage change
Identify strategies to increase probability of success implementing change
Define the attributes of a well-managed change
Examine a Case…

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3 Things the Best Change Agents Do Differently

Change agents facilitate the transition from old to new for employees.

Questions and concerns are an inherent part of the change process, and the way in which change agents deal with them determines whether or not change will stick.

What separates an ineffective change agent from an effective one? Here are the…

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3 Tips to Achieve a Successful Change Transition

Not sure where to start? One of the goals with any change effort is to move from the past toward a new future.

But the future can be a paradox. If you could define your company’s future clearly, the change process would be easier. But a detailed definition closes off unanticipated opportunities.…

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