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A Sure-Fire Formula to Make Change Work

The organization that is able to change will survive.  The organization that can’t (or won’t) will die.

It may sound harsh, but this idea isn’t new.  After all, it is the foundation behind Darwin’s theory of evolution.  To change is to endure.  Business leaders have understood this principle well.

Over the years,…

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5 Steps to Uncovering the Missing Variable in Your Merger or Acquisition Equation

Most every acquiring company today recognizes the importance of culture and people and builds analysis of those elements into their due diligence and integration processes.  However, the percentage of companies still showing a poor return on the investment has not significantly improved and the horror stories continue.  So if people…

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3 Essential Tools for Mitigating Risk in Change Management

When successful, change management projects can move a company forward into new and stronger competitive positions.

However, like all changes, these projects are not always successful or, when successful, that success is not always sustained. Some projects are even so difficult to implement and sustain that the Six Sigma Black Belts…

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5 Critical Factors That Affect Whether Or Not Change Is Successful

We’ve all been there. It’s time for another change and the first thing on our mind is that we want it to be successful. We’re asked a lot, “What makes change stick?”. And as you know, even with the best strategies in place, ensuring change is successful is easier said…

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Free Download | Change Risk Assessment

Each change – whether in the beginning, middle or even end stages – comes with its own level of risk. And it’s important to know where you stand at each phase to ensure you’re managing for success.

Many organizations find themselves scrambling to better manage their changes when they realize the…

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Swimming Upstream Part 2: Top 3 Problems Leaders Face With Change Resistance & What to Do

A great deal has been written about the impact leadership can have on employees’ decision to change or not to change.  And leaders have had too many experiences with failed changes not to be sensitive to this reality today.  They often, however, encounter three main problems:

They can’t imagine why anyone…

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Swimming Upstream Part 1: When People Resist Organizational Change

The Information Imperative

What causes people to have issues with change? After all, organizations don’t (or shouldn’t) change just for change sake.  In many cases, the change is necessary in order for the business to succeed and those people that are overseeing the change process have the best interests of the…

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Change Agents Deal With People & Should Follow These 4 Tips

The role of the Change Agent is critical during any change initiative. And we hear it often from clients – they want to know the short list. What is the top handful of action items their Change Agents should focus on?

So it’s with that we’ve put together our top 4…

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4 Reasons the Effort to Develop a Standard Change Capability Is Worth It

The best Chief Learning Officers know there is a cost to developing improved change management capability.

Doing this must have a payback. Improved change management increases the potential for each change to be more successful. It also demonstrates an increased capacity for the organization to absorb multiple changes by developing resiliency.


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Innovation: Does Change Management Play a Role? 4 Tips to Ensure Successful Integration

A successful change is dependent on two key variables: a quality solution and the acceptance of that solution by the people who are impacted.

In most organizations undergoing change of any kind, the change management process is typically started after a quality solution has been generated. But that may be too limited of a view.


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7 Questions to Consider as You Assess Your Competitive Edge in Change Management

It’s a best practice to ensure there is always enough competitive analysis being done to know where you are in relation to your competition, especially when assessing your competitive edge.

Consider these seven questions as you do your self-assessment:

Are you better or worse than your competition at satisfying the customer?
Are you…

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Change Management Danger Points: Part 2

No change project lasts forever – or at least it shouldn’t.  Whether change agents measure success by a timeline to completion or the attainment of a specified goal, the workload gets lighter and the end of the project becomes a reality.  It is time to tie up the loose ends…

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Change Management Danger Points: Part 1

In the change process there are two critical danger points that can derail even the most focused change initiatives.  These occur at the very beginning as the change is being defined, and at the end, when building an exit strategy.
Danger Point #1 – Poor Definition

Sustaining a change must begin when…

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4 Steps to Improve the Way Your Company Manages Change

In today’s times, the organizations that can change will survive and organizations that won’t change – or struggle to adapt – will risk its chance at surviving. Over the years, organizations have stopped trying to figure out what changes to make, but they added a critical element to the process.…

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3 Key Phases of the Change Process

Change doesn’t just happen – it’s driven. There are reasons that organizations and people change, and the first step of change management is understating the forces of change and learning to use those forces to your advantage.

Change is movement away from the present. It’s movement through a place that isn’t old…

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3 Common Behaviors of People Faced With Change

What is similar among all of us seems to be stronger than what is different. Whether you were born in 1957 or 1997, whether you are a Conserver or an Originator, when faced with uncomfortable change we all have a tendency to behave the same way.

Here are three common behaviors…

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Change Agent: 7 Strategies for Coaching Targets of Change

Change agents are responsible for coaching people during times of change. As part of this role we need to be able to empathize with their perspectives and take time to help them through their problems. The most effective change agents listen, respond, and often read between the lines.

Whether you’re new…

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8 Key Steps to Take Before and During Change Implementation

Whether you’re an identified change agent inside your organization or know there’s change on the horizon, implementing it is never easy. So we’ve pulled together here eight must-do steps you should take before and during change implementation.

Follow these key steps and you’ll be through the delta in no time:

Committed, Effective…

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Leading a Major Organizational Change Initiative: 4 Lessons Learned

Leading a major change initiative in any type of organization is tough work! Achieving expected results within a specified time frame and budget can only be accomplished if employees embrace the change.

This is no small task. But, it can become easier through effective change management.

Here are four key lessons learned…

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Make Change Management Your Competitive Differentiator

Leaders in many organizations today recognize that change management is an important strategy and enabler of success.

As that recognition becomes more widespread, the question becomes, how can organizations use change management as a competitive differentiator? Most organizations are not introducing changes or innovations that are different from changes their…

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