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Wrong: Change Agents Own the Change | Video Transcript


How can we say that? The project team, the change agents are responsible for the change. They work endless hours, and they keep talking about leadership. If only they could get senior leadership and middle management to be willing to give the speech about the…

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Rick’s Reflections | 10 Tips to Make Change Management Training a Strategic Decision

Recently I did a Google search on change management training. Instantly, a number of providers loaded on my screen. With such a list, I know its sometimes hard figuring the best options for you and your organization. At LaMarsh Global, we’re here to help you make that decision. When you…

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Wrong: Change Agents Own the Change | Video


Join LaMarsh Global CEO Rick Rothermel and Executive Director of Consulting Services Jeanenne LaMarsh as they share thought leadership, ideas, observations and predictions on a range of change management topics, challenges and controversies. In today’s premiere episode Rick talks about change ownership and the relationship…

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Rick’s Reflections | Why Change the Way Change is Managed?

As we mentioned last month, LaMarsh Global is launching a major review of how we approach change management. Importantly, our support of our clients’ efforts to implement successful change continues to yield effective change that seriously reduces the risk of failure and results in sustainable change.

Developed over the last four…

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Rick’s Reflections | Managed Change and a Global Affiliate Announcement

Managed Change™ is LaMarsh Global’s proprietary change management model that creates value for clients by reducing the financial and operational risks usually associated with change.

When I’m asked about Managed Change™ and why I’m such a strong advocate of the model, I often don’t know where to start. There…

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Rick’s Reflections | The Changing Role of Change Agents

We all know what a Change Agent does. Or at least we think we do.

I recently sat at lunch with a group of Change Agents and the topic of their role came up for discussion.  There was a common understanding among them that the Change Agent is ‘the doer’; the…

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Rick’s Reflections | The ROI of Change Management

How do you know you’re getting your money’s worth?

Leaders responsible for change management procurement decisions already know if they focus more intently and methodically on resolving or mitigating the challenges, issues and concerns of the people impacted by change, the outcomes will be exponentially better. Leaders also know if people…

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Rick’s Reflections | The Changing Role of Sponsors of Change

In an ideal world change is well defined, incremental, appropriately paced and packaged for consumption by the organization and aligned with the strategies and goals.

There are experienced, talented and expert resources available to support the change in every way.  Leaders who must sponsor change would also both be willing and…

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Rick’s Reflections | Change Is Difficult For All Organizations And They Share Common Concerns

I recently had the opportunity to host a panel of Executive Sponsors brought together to share their experiences, insights and challenges related to being a sponsor of transformational changes going on in their organizations.

The members of the panel represented companies of a variety of sizes, locations and functions, yet when…

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Rick’s Reflection | 7 Lessons Learned By Leaders As Sponsors Of Change

When it comes to leaders being sponsors of change, we’ve learned a lot over the years, both watching those who’ve done it well and those who haven’t.

And in that time we’ve identified 7 key lessons that will help any be a stronger sponsor of change. Leaders of course need to be…

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Rick’s Reflections | Ten Critical Success Factors to Identify & Diagnose Change

Identifying and Diagnosing Change is the major activity performed by change management practitioners according to the recently released Change Management Market Research Study conducted by the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP – 2013).   As I reviewed the results of this report, I couldn’t help but nod my head in agreement. …

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Rick’s Reflections | Engaging with the Association of Change Management Professionals in Dallas

Reflecting on the time I spent recently in Dallas, Texas at an Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) meeting on standards with twenty-five highly experienced, talented and passionate change management professionals from around the world, I have decided now is the right time for me to discuss the work…

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Rick’s Reflections | Thinking Back About Change Management

Reflecting on the many change management conversations I have had with clients and colleagues over the past few years, the discussion ultimately ends up with someone suggesting that “the world has changed and we can’t keep managing change the same old way.”  Some even go so far as to challenge…

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5 Pillars Needed to Build a Change Management Core Competency

There are many ways an organization can build a change management core competency. But from our experience, we’ve found organizations find the most success by following five specific steps. We call it the “five pillars” of building a change management core competency. Which of these five pillars do you do…

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