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4 Action Plans to Address Resistance to Change | Managed Change™ Insights

Does Your Organization Have Them All?

The LaMarsh Global Managed Change™ Methodology lists four action plans to address potential or existing resistance to change. If you have attended a change management learning event of ours over the years, you know what they are:

Communicate what the Targets of…

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When the Business and IT Can’t Get Together on a Change | Video


In this episode, Rick provides advice for unifying organizational business units during complex change initiatives.

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5 Core Functions of a Change Management Center of Excellence

Care and feeding of your change management competency with a Change Management Center of Excellence

You have made the first important decision – applying a disciplined approach to the way in which change will happen. You have documented that approach, sent your practitioners for training and are starting to use this…

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We Care About Feeding America | Rick’s Reflections

Join us in our commitment to contribute $10,000 to Feeding America with our own virtual food drive.

LaMarsh Global has pledged $5,000 and is challenging our family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and clients to match our donation. Each dollar contributed will provide ten meals to families in need across America. By leveraging…

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We’re Hiring!

LaMarsh Global is seeking an experienced Associate Consultant

As more and more organizations recognize the value of partnering with a LaMarsh Global team to provide change management support to their change efforts, we are seeking to enlarge our extended staff of Associate Consultants. Associate Consultants work in partnership with our staff Engagement…

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When Beliefs and Behaviors are Challenged by Change | Managed Change™ Insights

There is a great deal of talk among change management practitioners about the need to address culture in change.

Indeed, many changes are titled as culture change, even though they may involve much more than culture. It is a bow to the recognition that the culture is going to have to…

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Changing the Way Change Happens | Video Transcript

Forty years is a long time to be thinking about managing change well and in those forty years, I have seen a great deal of change in how organizations look at change management.

And I’m smiling as I think about it because it’s been an incredibly satisfying journey to watch what’s…

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LaMarsh Global Announces We Care About Veterans 2015 Committed to Community Campaign

LaMarsh Global could not be any prouder of our men and women in uniform.

We acknowledge both the comfort of strong esprit de corps and the idea of service before self, as well as the challenges and hardships of military service.  We also acknowledge that whether you served for 2 years…

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Change Agent’s Guide to Change Management | Free Download

So much is being written today about the tools to use in a well-managed change. But tools are only that: the forms and formats to gather data and build plans. Those tools are used in a process of managing change. That process is the core of a well-managed change.


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Engaging Physicians in the Change Process

Over the past ten years, I have had many opportunities to assist fellow clinicians in making the transition to an Electronic Health Record (EHR). And prior to that, I helped nurses, doctors and other clinicians implement countless changes throughout the healthcare system.

Being a clinician myself, I have great insight into…

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Should You Call It Change Management? | Video Transcript

Well, why not? After many years of struggling to become a recognized profession, change management is now clearly recognized and accepted as an important element of any major change initiative. We who are in this profession should be proud.  So why would I raise the question of what we could…

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Should You Call It Change Management? | Video


In our fourth episode, Rick returns to talk about what exactly it is that we do and a different way of labeling change management as a profession.

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Rick’s Reflections | When the Sponsor Has an Identity Crisis

Over the past few months, an incredible team of employees has been working to refresh the LaMarsh Global website and turn it into a fresh, innovative digital change management information and resource center.  I’m so proud of the work that has been done.

From the start, I knew I would be…

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3 Tips to Keep in Mind When Identifying Targets of Change | Managed Change™ Insights

Stakeholder Analysis is a common term in the change management lexicon.  It is not a term used with LaMarsh Global Managed Change™.

We believe it is more valuable to separate the two elements of Stakeholder Analysis into the identification of the stakeholders in one tool and the analysis of their issues…

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Hit and Run Change Management Efforts in Manufacturing Rarely Deliver Sustainable Results

“I’m from corporate and I’m here to help.”

It is my experience that many of the changes introduced in manufacturing facilities by corporate or enterprise teams often fail, or at best, deliver lackluster results. It isn’t that the change is a bad idea or not necessary.  In fact, many times the…

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5 Tips for Connecting with the New Health Care Consumer

Changing how we connect with the new healthcare consumer

I have been working in the healthcare field for more than thirty years and have seen a lot of change.  Early on in my experience, we were all focused on the day to day clinical care of patients; and although we weren’t…

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Free Download | Change Management Scalability Guide

The art and science of scalability decisions made easy.

No single attribute defines the scale of change management support required in an organizational change. Really, no single attribute is more important than another. An aggregate view is what we need to consider when making change management scalability decisions. This is the…

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Rick’s Reflections | 6 Guidelines to Determine Change Management Scalability

How much change management do I need?

Over the past few years, I’ve observed a number of new tools, techniques and strategies that change management thought leaders have introduced to reinforce the effective applications that demonstrate the real value of well-managed change. These actions are not just prompted by great new…

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Three Stages of Change | Managed Change™ Insights

Why do we put so much emphasis on the stages of change?

If you are familiar with the Managed Change™ Methodology you know we put considerable emphasis and effort into addressing the Current, Delta and Desired State and spend a lot of time in these three elements of the project.

The goal…

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What Do You Do If You Don’t Have Time For Change Management? | Video Transcript

What do you do if you don’t have time for good change management? If the project is pushing you to get things done, it doesn’t mean we can cut anything out. That’s probably the most important lesson for us to remember. We had a situation just yesterday with a client…

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