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Rick’s Reflections | When the Sponsor Has an Identity Crisis

Over the past few months, an incredible team of employees has been working to refresh the LaMarsh Global website and turn it into a fresh, innovative digital change management information and resource center.  I’m so proud of the work that has been done.

From the start, I knew I would be…

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3 Tips to Keep in Mind When Identifying Targets of Change | Managed Change™ Insights

Stakeholder Analysis is a common term in the change management lexicon.  It is not a term used with LaMarsh Global Managed Change™.

We believe it is more valuable to separate the two elements of Stakeholder Analysis into the identification of the stakeholders in one tool and the analysis of their issues…

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Hit and Run Change Management Efforts in Manufacturing Rarely Deliver Sustainable Results

“I’m from corporate and I’m here to help.”

It is my experience that many of the changes introduced in manufacturing facilities by corporate or enterprise teams often fail, or at best, deliver lackluster results. It isn’t that the change is a bad idea or not necessary.  In fact, many times the…

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5 Tips for Connecting with the New Health Care Consumer

Changing how we connect with the new healthcare consumer

I have been working in the healthcare field for more than thirty years and have seen a lot of change.  Early on in my experience, we were all focused on the day to day clinical care of patients; and although we weren’t…

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How Do You Get Leaders to Be Good Sponsors? | Video Transcript

How do we get leaders to be good sponsors? Shouldn’t they just know it? Shouldn’t that be part of their job description? Shouldn’t they not get promoted into leadership positions unless they are good sponsors? I know you are laughing right now, because I know your experience is that this…

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Free Download | Change Management Scalability Guide

The art and science of scalability decisions made easy.

No single attribute defines the scale of change management support required in an organizational change. Really, no single attribute is more important than another. An aggregate view is what we need to consider when making change management scalability decisions. This is the…

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Rick’s Reflections | 6 Guidelines to Determine Change Management Scalability

How much change management do I need?

Over the past few years, I’ve observed a number of new tools, techniques and strategies that change management thought leaders have introduced to reinforce the effective applications that demonstrate the real value of well-managed change. These actions are not just prompted by great new…

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Three Stages of Change | Managed Change™ Insights

Why do we put so much emphasis on the stages of change?

If you are familiar with the Managed Change™ Methodology you know we put considerable emphasis and effort into addressing the Current, Delta and Desired State and spend a lot of time in these three elements of the project.

The goal…

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How Do You Get Leaders To Be Good Sponsors? | Video


In the third episode, Jeanenne LaMarsh talks about the importance of building successful change management skills with our leaders and potential sources of resistance from this key group.

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What Do You Do If You Don’t Have Time For Change Management? | Video Transcript

What do you do if you don’t have time for good change management? If the project is pushing you to get things done, it doesn’t mean we can cut anything out. That’s probably the most important lesson for us to remember. We had a situation just yesterday with a client…

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Rick’s Reflections | Help for the ‘Hunters and Gathers’


‘Hunters and Gathers’ is a phenomenon I discovered a few years ago. It refers to those who are typically newly appointed change management practice leaders who have been given the assignment to design, create, build and/or buy a change management methodology for their…

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What Do You Do If You Don’t Have Time for Change Management? | Video


Join LaMarsh Global Executive Director of Consulting Services Jeanenne LaMarsh in her Managed Change Minutes™ debut talking about change management and what to do if time is an issue with your change initiative.

Want more? View additional Managed Change™ Minutes episodes and access free change management resources.

Wrong: Change Agents Own the Change | Video Transcript


How can we say that? The project team, the change agents are responsible for the change. They work endless hours, and they keep talking about leadership. If only they could get senior leadership and middle management to be willing to give the speech about the…

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Rick’s Reflections | 10 Tips to Make Change Management Training a Strategic Decision

Recently I did a Google search on change management training. Instantly, a number of providers loaded on my screen. With such a list, I know its sometimes hard figuring the best options for you and your organization. At LaMarsh Global, we’re here to help you make that decision. When you…

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Wrong: Change Agents Own the Change | Video


Join LaMarsh Global CEO Rick Rothermel and Executive Director of Consulting Services Jeanenne LaMarsh as they share thought leadership, ideas, observations and predictions on a range of change management topics, challenges and controversies. In today’s premiere episode Rick talks about change ownership and the relationship…

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With Change Management, To Certify or Not to Certify is the Question

Many professions today either recommend or require what they are calling certification in order to be recognized as an expert. That is also true of change management.

But what is certification and what is the best source of change management certification for you?

LaMarsh Global believes the definition of certification is that…

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Free Download | 10 Minute Managed Change™ Triage Tool

Download and complete the 10 Minute Managed Change™ Triage to identify risks and opportunities with your change project:

Understand why changes fail and why it is important to manage change
Identify strategies to increase probability of success implementing change
Define the attributes of a well-managed change
Examine a Case…

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40 Years Looking Forward on Change Management

A few weeks ago I sat down to reflect on the past 40 years and how change management has changed over that time. So it is very appropriate to look forward as well. What will change in the next 40 years?

That is a long time horizon to predict, 40 years,…

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Rick’s Reflections | Why Change the Way Change is Managed?

As we mentioned last month, LaMarsh Global is launching a major review of how we approach change management. Importantly, our support of our clients’ efforts to implement successful change continues to yield effective change that seriously reduces the risk of failure and results in sustainable change.

Developed over the last four…

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40 Years Looking Back on Change Management

As I approach my 40th year as a student of managing change I find myself reflecting on the changes in how change management has progressed. And it has progressed. We who dedicate our lives to this work should be both proud and humbled by where change management is today in our…

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