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Sponsor Assessment Tool: How To Determine If Your Change Has Effective Sponsorship

LaMarsh Global’s free Sponsor Assessment Tool can be used by change management professionals and project teams to test current levels of sponsorship.

To complete the assessment, participants must rate how informed or effective they feel current Sponsors are in relation to fifteen important successful change management requirements. Then, use the formula in the Sponsor Assessment…

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Help Your Organization Understand Change Management Roles and Responsibilities

Successful Change Changes Everything: An Anthology of Role-Specific Change Management Guides is a free change management resource to help you and the people of your organization understand your roles in change and efficiently apply them.

We at LaMarsh Global argue that making that process visible is valuable to those individuals to ensure they…

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10 Steps That Will Improve Your ROI of Change Management Calculation


Remember our suggestion to focus less on ROI and more on RESULTS (R)? In the article, we explored the hard and soft data points required to do a solid and trusted ROI calculation. In general, the key to an accurate estimate…

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Target’s Guide to Change Management

LaMarsh Global is proud to announce the publication of Target’s Guide to Change Management, a free eBook available for download today.

Over the years we have provided much support for change management practitioners whose job it is to help people impacted by change to move through the delta and successfully achieve new,…

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How Does Resistance Impact Return on Investment (ROI)?


Change Agents, Practitioners and Sponsors are well aware of the impact resistance has on the overall success of projects and the acceptance/adoption of the change by those impacted. Resistance identification and mitigation are at the core of the LaMarsh Global Read More ›

4 Questions to Answer When Factoring Change Management into Return On Investment (ROI)


Leaders regularly find themselves in the position of Sponsor for significant changes happening in their organizations. It is the Sponsor’s job to provide the project team with the leadership, support and resources they need to successfully manage all aspects of each…

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What is the LaMarsh Global Approach?

CEO Rick Rothermel explains the LaMarsh Global change management approach and talks more specifically about the Managed Change™ Model & Methodology.

How Can the Implementation of a Defined and Well-Communicated Strategic Change Fail?

Senior leaders often define enterprise change from a strategic perspective. Too few executive-level Sponsors appreciate that as change is cascaded through the organization it has to be translated into the language of the impacted employees to successfully answer the questions: “What does this mean for me?”,“How does this change impact…

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4 Ways Smart Employers Build Acceptance for Healthcare Changes

As a means to attract and retain top talent, many employers try to provide a competitive healthcare benefits package for employees and their families. Unfortunately, the ability to provide sustainable plans is threatened due to the high cost of healthcare for most employers.

According to the National Coalition on Healthcare, in…

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Exactly What is Change Management?

We at LaMarsh Global still get the question, “Exactly what is change management?” a lot. Our first reaction is to determine how to answer the question.

As change management thought leaders, we know what change management is, but the initial answer has to be gauged to the level of detail needed…

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6 Ways to Break Down the Multi-Generation Desired State | Free Download

We know where we need to go, but how do we get there? Should I eat the whole elephant at once?

Making successful change within the healthcare environment often produces a complex, resource-intensive Desired State that will take months, if not years, to achieve. For the people impacted by change, it…

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Manufacturing Desired State Assessment | Free Download

Rolling out Corporate Led Initiatives as One-Size-Fits-All — I’m Sorry, What Did You Say? I said:  It’s Different Out Here – Can Anybody Hear Me?

Making successful change in larger, complex organizations requires an understanding of their different environments. Too often, enterprise-led changes are designed from the enterprise view of…

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4 Action Plans to Address Resistance to Change | Managed Change™ Insights

Does Your Organization Have Them All?

The LaMarsh Global Managed Change™ Methodology lists four action plans to address potential or existing resistance to change. If you have attended a change management learning event of ours over the years, you know what they are:

Communicate what the Targets of…

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5 Core Functions of a Change Management Center of Excellence

Care and feeding of your change management competency with a Change Management Center of Excellence

You have made the first important decision – applying a disciplined approach to the way in which change will happen. You have documented that approach, sent your practitioners for training and are starting to use this…

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When Beliefs and Behaviors are Challenged by Change | Managed Change™ Insights

There is a great deal of talk among change management practitioners about the need to address culture in change.

Indeed, many changes are titled as culture change, even though they may involve much more than culture. It is a bow to the recognition that the culture is going to have to…

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Change Agent’s Guide to Change Management | Free Download

So much is being written today about the tools to use in a well-managed change. But tools are only that: the forms and formats to gather data and build plans. Those tools are used in a process of managing change. That process is the core of a well-managed change.


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Engaging Physicians in the Change Process

Over the past ten years, I have had many opportunities to assist fellow clinicians in making the transition to an Electronic Health Record (EHR). And prior to that, I helped nurses, doctors and other clinicians implement countless changes throughout the healthcare system.

Being a clinician myself, I have great insight into…

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3 Tips to Keep in Mind When Identifying Targets of Change | Managed Change™ Insights

Stakeholder Analysis is a common term in the change management lexicon.  It is not a term used with LaMarsh Global Managed Change™.

We believe it is more valuable to separate the two elements of Stakeholder Analysis into the identification of the stakeholders in one tool and the analysis of their issues…

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Hit and Run Change Management Efforts in Manufacturing Rarely Deliver Sustainable Results

“I’m from corporate and I’m here to help.”

It is my experience that many of the changes introduced in manufacturing facilities by corporate or enterprise teams often fail, or at best, deliver lackluster results. It isn’t that the change is a bad idea or not necessary.  In fact, many times the…

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5 Tips for Connecting with the New Health Care Consumer

Changing how we connect with the new healthcare consumer

I have been working in the healthcare field for more than thirty years and have seen a lot of change.  Early on in my experience, we were all focused on the day to day clinical care of patients; and although we weren’t…

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