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3 Key Phases of the Change Process

Change doesn’t just happen – it’s driven. There are reasons that organizations and people change, and the first step of change management is understating the forces of change and learning to use those forces to your advantage.

Change is movement away from the present. It’s movement through a place that isn’t old…

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Change and Change Management

 Change was once a discrete event with a beginning, middle, and end. At the end things got back to “normal.”

Today, change is a constant; multiple changes happen simultaneously with no “normal” in sight. Change can carry companies and their employees toward a successful future, or into a limbo of change…

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3 Common Behaviors of People Faced With Change

What is similar among all of us seems to be stronger than what is different. Whether you were born in 1957 or 1997, whether you are a Conserver or an Originator, when faced with uncomfortable change we all have a tendency to behave the same way.

Here are three common behaviors…

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Change Agent: 7 Strategies for Coaching Targets of Change

Change agents are responsible for coaching people during times of change. As part of this role we need to be able to empathize with their perspectives and take time to help them through their problems. The most effective change agents listen, respond, and often read between the lines.

Whether you’re new…

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5 Pillars Needed to Build a Change Management Core Competency

There are many ways an organization can build a change management core competency. But from our experience, we’ve found organizations find the most success by following five specific steps. We call it the “five pillars” of building a change management core competency. Which of these five pillars do you do…

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8 Key Steps to Take Before and During Change Implementation

Whether you’re an identified change agent inside your organization or know there’s change on the horizon, implementing it is never easy. So we’ve pulled together here eight must-do steps you should take before and during change implementation.

Follow these key steps and you’ll be through the delta in no time:

Committed, Effective…

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Leading a Major Organizational Change Initiative: 4 Lessons Learned

Leading a major change initiative in any type of organization is tough work! Achieving expected results within a specified time frame and budget can only be accomplished if employees embrace the change.

This is no small task. But, it can become easier through effective change management.

Here are four key lessons learned…

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Make Change Management Your Competitive Differentiator

Leaders in many organizations today recognize that change management is an important strategy and enabler of success.

As that recognition becomes more widespread, the question becomes, how can organizations use change management as a competitive differentiator? Most organizations are not introducing changes or innovations that are different from changes their…

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