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How Do You Get Leaders to Be Good Sponsors? | Video Transcript

How do we get leaders to be good sponsors? Shouldn’t they just know it? Shouldn’t that be part of their job description? Shouldn’t they not get promoted into leadership positions unless they are good sponsors? I know you are laughing right now, because I know your experience is that this…

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Free Download | Change Management Scalability Guide

The art and science of scalability decisions made easy.

No single attribute defines the scale of change management support required in an organizational change. Really, no single attribute is more important than another. An aggregate view is what we need to consider when making change management scalability decisions. This is the…

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How Do You Get Leaders To Be Good Sponsors? | Video


In the third episode, Jeanenne LaMarsh talks about the importance of building successful change management skills with our leaders and potential sources of resistance from this key group.

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What Do You Do If You Don’t Have Time For Change Management? | Video Transcript

What do you do if you don’t have time for good change management? If the project is pushing you to get things done, it doesn’t mean we can cut anything out. That’s probably the most important lesson for us to remember. We had a situation just yesterday with a client…

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What Do You Do If You Don’t Have Time for Change Management? | Video


Join LaMarsh Global Executive Director of Consulting Services Jeanenne LaMarsh in her Managed Change Minutes™ debut talking about change management and what to do if time is an issue with your change initiative.

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Wrong: Change Agents Own the Change | Video Transcript


How can we say that? The project team, the change agents are responsible for the change. They work endless hours, and they keep talking about leadership. If only they could get senior leadership and middle management to be willing to give the speech about the…

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Wrong: Change Agents Own the Change | Video


Join LaMarsh Global CEO Rick Rothermel and Executive Director of Consulting Services Jeanenne LaMarsh as they share thought leadership, ideas, observations and predictions on a range of change management topics, challenges and controversies. In today’s premiere episode Rick talks about change ownership and the relationship…

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Free Download | 10 Minute Managed Change™ Triage Tool

Download and complete the 10 Minute Managed Change™ Triage to identify risks and opportunities with your change project:

Understand why changes fail and why it is important to manage change
Identify strategies to increase probability of success implementing change
Define the attributes of a well-managed change
Examine a Case…

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Podcast | Jeanenne LaMarsh Interview by The Change Source

Emma Murphy interviews LaMarsh Global’s Jeanenne LaMarsh in Episode 5 of The Change Source‘s Podcast Series from Dubai.

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Free Download | Mapping a Change Initiative

To operate efficiently as a company, it’s necessary to manage change projects efficiently. 

Change is needed for continuous improvement within your organization, but if you don’t know how to organize that change and the milestones that come with it effectively, your efforts can potentially backfire. That is why Read More ›

Free Download | 5 Must-Do Tips for Effective Change Management eBook

Change was once a discrete event with a beginning, middle and end. At the end things got back to “normal.”

But today, change is a constant; multiple changes can happen simultaneously with no normal in sight. Changes can take companies – and the people in them – toward a successful future,…

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How to Develop a Change Management Learning Plan

For many organizations, it’s not enough to know why a change is needed, what it will entail and how it should be implemented. Frequently the desired state requires people to be able to do new things they have never done before.

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Free Download | Anticipate Resistance to Change Tool

Did you know? Even before change is announced, it’s possible for change agents to anticipate reasons why people might resist. And as we know, this insight is instrumental in the success of a change initiative.

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Free Download | 5 Strategies & 7 Must-Do Steps to Harmonize Change eBook

Like an orchestra without a conductor, an organizational change that lacks (or has weak) strategy and tactics, can sound, feel and look like singular instruments playing out of sync with each other.

Good Change Managers know how complex the change process can be.  They also know how complicated it can be…

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Free Download | Change Risk Assessment

Each change – whether in the beginning, middle or even end stages – comes with its own level of risk. And it’s important to know where you stand at each phase to ensure you’re managing for success.

Many organizations find themselves scrambling to better manage their changes when they realize the…

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