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What To Do When The Change Agent Is At Risk | Video Transcript

We’ve been able, as you have, to do a good job of defining what does a change agent do, but it’s also important for us to recognize this is actually a high-risk assignment. Your career, and the success of the change, is highly dependent on your ability to be a good change agent and oftentimes, we find that role and that responsibility put us as change agents at risk.

Now, why does that happen?

It happens because of the things that go on around us that make it difficult for us when leaders aren’t willing to be good sponsors and we have to have the courage to go in and tell them that they’re not being good sponsors. How we go about doing that – how we make sure that they don’t throw us out of the room – is really a critical skillset for us as change agents.

So again, as in so many of our conversations, both in these minutes that we share together and in all of the learning that we do, understanding very clearly what the data is that tells us that there is a need to demand more sponsorship, contract for better sponsorship, get more resources. That that takes courage on our part, but when it’s courage accompanying by good data, we’re in a much better place rather than just trying to do it and wing it with emotion.

We are objective and we are rational in our presentation in what it is we need. We also have to understand that some of the risk won’t go away, that we live with a constant tension between what we know needs to be done and the risk that that engenders. So keeping that balance, and remembering that balance, and using the data and the objective, rational approach reduces the risk. But it’s worth the risk in the end because we bring good change to the organizations we serve.

Jeanenne LaMarsh

Jeanenne, Executive Director of Consulting Services, founded LaMarsh & Associates, the predecessor to LaMarsh Global, and developed the innovative Managed Change™ model and methodology that has been used for effective change management by hundreds of organizations over the past decades. Connect with Jeanenne on LinkedIn here.


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