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Changing the Way Change Happens | Video Transcript

Forty years is a long time to be thinking about managing change well and in those forty years, I have seen a great deal of change in how organizations look at change management.

And I’m smiling as I think about it because it’s been an incredibly satisfying journey to watch what’s happening. People in organizations are saying, “When we have a project, let’s make sure we have change management in that project.”

And now something even more dramatic and exciting is happening. They’re taking the success of having change management built into those projects and saying, “Maybe this is a competency we need to have as a company. Maybe we just don’t bring LaMarsh Global in every time we have a change project.”

Now, we’re happy to come and do that, work with you, but what we really want for you and what we’re seeing companies really now starting to want for themselves is building this as an internal competency. That’s very exciting.

And some of you may be lucky enough to working for organizations that are recognizing that. Good for you. But be cautious. Be careful. Because what happens is when we get an invitation to come in and talk about building internal competency, what we get is a question: “How much training can you do and who can you training and how fast can you do it and how much will it cost?”

There’s so much more to leaning than that. There’s so much more to building this capability. It’s another change. It’s a change project and as a change project, it needs to be treated with all the project management discipline and the change management discipline that even a $20 million dollar software investment would require. You’re changing the way in which you make change happen and that requires that discipline and that infrastructure.

Be encouraged if your organization is supportive of building that competency but help them to appreciate and understand that is another change that goes on the list and is treated with all the rigor and discipline, all the infrastructure and support, of any change.


Jeanenne LaMarsh

Jeanenne, Executive Director of Consulting Services, founded LaMarsh & Associates, the predecessor to LaMarsh Global, and developed the innovative Managed Change™ model and methodology that has been used for effective change management by hundreds of organizations over the past decades. Connect with Jeanenne on LinkedIn here.


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