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Jeanenne LaMarsh is Retiring

My colleague and close friend Jeanenne LaMarsh has decided to retire from LaMarsh Global at the end of the year.

Words fail to express the many ways in which she has impacted my life, and I’m sure many of our lives, both personally and professionally. She will be greatly missed, but not forgotten, for the many groundbreaking ideas and foundational contributions she has made to the discipline of change management.

Receiving multiple recognitions throughout her career, at the core of her life’s work is our Managed Change™ Methodology and the related model, process and tools.  Earlier this month, she celebrated 40 years as a thought leader in our profession. During that time Jeanenne has continued to refine Managed Change™ through her work as consultant, coach, teacher, author and master guru. As a result, the value and practicality of our approach is recognized around the globe and is at the iconic foundation of many corporate business strategies. Her unfailing perseverance resulted in the establishment of a reputation and a legacy that others admire but struggle to achieve.

Jeanenne founded LaMarsh & Associates before others were even conceiving ideas related to understanding, let alone managing, change. Based on the premise that changing the way in which we manage change would have a positive impact on individuals and the world in which they live and work, a professional discipline emerged. Over the years, she continued to challenge and refine her own thinking and question the theories of others. Jeanenne’s reflections and experiences of the discipline have been published in our latest eBook, A Brief History of Change Management.

As she embraces the next adventure on her life’s journey, she does so with all of our genuine admiration, inspiration and gratitude. She leaves us well equipped with the knowledge, skill and tools of the trade we need to successfully continue and build upon her legacy. Thank you, Jeanenne!

You may still reach Jeanenne at jlamarsh@lamarsh.com until December 31. If you wish to contact Jeanenne in the new year, please contact Nicole Sturznickel at nstruznick@lamarsh.com or 312-464-1349.

It’s an amazing story, the birth of a profession! Download A Brief History of Change Management, Jeanenne’s eBook that describes the impact change management has on the way many organizations function, here >>


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Rick Rothermel

Rick is CEO and Director of Consulting Services at LaMarsh Global. He is a change management expert, thought leader and entrepreneur and has served as a founding member of the Board of Directors of ACMP. Rick’s previous experience includes Chief Learning Officer at Michigan Virtual University, Executive Vice President of e-Learning at Global Dynamics and Director of North American Education, Training and Development at Ford. Connect with Rick on LinkedIn here.

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  1. cynthia anderson says:


    It is the end of an era. Best of luck to all at LaMarsh to carry on.


  2. jeannecmeisterJeanne says:

    Congrats on the continued success of your firm and hope to catch u in NYC in 2016

  3. Anna Wildermuth says:

    Congratulations to Jeanenne.

  4. John Saul says:

    Congratuations Jeanenne, and enjoy your well-earned time to relax! You’ve been a real trailblazer, and an inspiration to all, like myself, who learned so much from your excellent change leadership.

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