Creating a Change Capable Organization

Establish Managed Change™ capability across the enterprise

The program is the cornerstone activity in creating an organization that is capable, competent and confident to implement and sustain change regardless of scope or complexity. LaMarsh Global thought leaders will train, coach and consult with a core team of experienced change management practitioners and leaders to develop and implement a change capability development strategy and plan for the organization. The program is customized to identify and leverage the unique strengths and needs of each organization as it adopts, integrates, and implements the Managed Change™ Methodology into standard business practices and organizational strategy execution


Leadership commitment to developing a change capable organization

Program Objectives

  • Understand the value of establishing a change capable organization and what it could mean to employees, leaders, customers and others
  • Examine the change capability maturity model, assess the organization’s current level of maturity and identify the action steps necessary to achieve full maturity
  • Determine the governance including roles and responsibilities of Sponsors, Change Agents and Targets in creating, sustaining and evolving a change capable organization
  • Understand the role and purpose of a Managed Change™ Center of Excellence and Communities of Practice in establishing and sustaining a change capable organization
  • Create the strategy and plan for building a change capable organization
  • Provide the expertise, coaching and consulting support to project team members as they implement the Change Management Strategy and Plan for creating change management organizational capability


What to Expect

Pre-work: A LaMarsh Global Consultant will meet with change management and organizational leaders to validate the goals and objectives for establishing change management organizational capability and document the Desired State. The overall business vision/mission/goals and the Desired State analysis will be incorporated into a program tailored to address the unique client situation and requirements.

  1. Change Capable Organizations
    • Change capabile organizations defined
    • Value and business case
    • Maturity Model
    • Alignment to Mission/Vision/Goals
  2. Governance
    • Charter and structure
    • Sponsor, Change Agent and Target roles and responsibilities
    • Tools, tips and techniques
  3. Managed Change™ Center of Excellence
    • Myths and realities
    • Capability vs. competency vs. capacity
    • Communities of Practice
    • Stewardship
  4. Implementation and Sustainment
    • Sponsorship
    • Resistance identification and mitigation
    • Communication, Learning and Rewards Plans
    • Monitoring and reporting maturity
  5. Application
    • Define your organization’s Desired State
    • Assess organizational maturity
    • Develop a strategy and plan


Post-session: Incorporating the outcomes of the Creating a Change Capable Organization Program, the LaMarsh Global Consultant will coach team members over the next six months as they implement their strategy and plan.