Leader as Sponsor of Change

Lead organizational change and sponsor the implementation

The program is both a change management learning and working session designed for individual executives and leadership teams who recognize the value of change management and want to make it a critical business tool for their organizations. Sponsors will experience applying the Managed Change™ Methodology to increase the success rate of their changes. Each session is tailored to meet the organization’s unique business and/or industry needs.


Commitment to developing change capability

Program Objectives

  • Determine the value of change management and what it could mean in the organization
  • Determine their role and responsibilities as Sponsors who lead change and the requirements of Change Agents they assign to manage implementation
  • Develop effective sponsorship techniques for use in their roles as leaders of change
  • Build a cohesive definition of the vision, or Desired State, for their key change projects
  • Learn and apply Managed Change™ tools to reduce potential risks and increase the probability of successful change


What to Expect

Pre-work: A LaMarsh Global Consultant will conduct a situational orientation to gain an understanding of the organization, the business vision/mission/goals, its unique needs and issues, and an overview of the current change initiatives. Based on this input, the Consultant will customize the program to the client environment and the desired outcomes for the session.

  1. Change Management Effectiveness and Value
    • Agree to a common definition of change management
    • Explore the requirements for successful implementation
    • Identify the sources of resistance
  2. Role of the Sponsor
    • Define skills required of leaders as Sponsors of change
    • Build understanding of role and responsibilities
    • Identify and manage Sponsor challenges
    • Explore differences between the roles of Sponsor and of Change Agent
    • Identify best practices
  3. Managed Change™ – The Methodology
    • Apply the Managed Change™ Methodology to current changes
    • Identify the resistance to current changes and the sources of the resistance
    • Discuss how resistance is identified, prevented, reduced and eliminated
  4. Risk Mitigation
    • Examine the potential risks of poor sponsorship to the organization
    • Identify the action steps required to mitigate resistance