Master of Managed Change® Advanced Certification

Coach Change Agents and lead change projects

The Master of Managed Change® Certification Program is an advanced learning program designed for individuals who seek a deeper understanding of the Managed Change™ Methodology and whose role will be to serve as a change management coach, lead Change Agent or Sponsor. Certification is granted after completion of a three-day facilitated workshop, completion of an examination testing the candidates’ ability to apply advanced change management concepts and tools, AND submission of a Master Project Workbook demonstrating the candidate’s ability to lead and coach Change Agents and Sponsors.

The Master Project Workbook requirement is waived for participants who have previously earned a Managed Change™ Agent Certification or another approved foundational certification.


The candidate must have…

  • Successfully completed the Managed Change™ Workshop or another approved foundational change management workshop
  • Six months’ experience applying change management to at least one change project



  • Coach others in the application of the Managed Change™ Model and process, and its accompanying change management tools
  • Align and integrate the Managed Change™ approach into other change management and project management methodologies for a robust, coordinated and effective application
  • Identify methods to measure and monitor the success of a completed change project
  • Demonstrate competency to coach others to apply change management methodology
  • Demonstrate ability to customize change management methodology and tools to meet the unique needs of a specific change project
  • Change Management Methodology
    • In-depth review of change management methodology
    • Validate candidate’s comprehension of change management methodology and tool application
  • Understanding the Managed Change™ Methodology 
    • Aspects of the Methodology
    • Application and customization of tools
  • Applying the Model
    • Strategies for supporting large scale projects
    • Triage change projects and define scope
    • Scale application of the methodology and tools
    • Change Management Strategy and Project Plan
  • Model in Practice
    • Change management methodology simulation
  • Measuring and Monitoring Change
    • Strategies for measuring and monitoring successful change


  • Coaching Change Agents and Sponsors
    • Change management coaching model
    • Assess coaching and development needs
    • Self-assess coaching competency
    • Personal development planning
  • Institutionalize Change Management Capability 
    • Role of the Master of Managed Change® in the organization
    • Strategies for building organizational change management capability
    • Centers of Excellence and Communities of Practice
  • Change Management Application
    • A LaMarsh Global coach is assigned to the candidate
    • Candidates partner with coaches to apply the methodology to real changes
    • Candidates prepare and submit documentation to showcase impact and application abilities


  • Simulation, Case Studies, and Examination