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What Do You Do If You Don’t Have Time For Change Management? | Video Transcript

What do you do if you don’t have time for good change management? If the project is pushing you to get things done, it doesn’t mean we can cut anything out. That’s probably the most important lesson for us to remember. We had a situation just yesterday with a client who said, “We really don’t have time to figure out what everyone’s issues are, so let’s just find some cool communications.” Wrong. We have to spend time with the nuances.

So, the answer is don’t cut things out and think about how much time we spend. Many of you have heard us talk over the years about how change management is going to be required. Sometimes, when we just have three people at lunch and we do it sketching on the back of a napkin. And sometimes when we have the time to fill walls with all the data that has to be collected and analyzed.

The other thing that is important is to try to get the time that’s required. Many times you are not getting that resource of time because management – either the project team itself or senior leadership – doesn’t appreciate how much time it is going to take, because they don’t understand the effort in the process that goes into good into change management.

The other way you can work to get the time you need – use the data, a preliminary risk assessment that shows here’s where the risks are, here’s the intensity of those risks, here’s the consequences of those risks, etc. By putting those three elements together, we can begin to come back to leadership with a risk assessment that says, “If you don’t, here’s the data that shows you where your vulnerabilities are.” Here, you give them a good argument for what has to happen, and also what the risk is if they don’t do it well.

Now to do that, what’s also really critical is a warning. Don’t over-engineer the data collection. We love to collect all that data – here’s all the people that are going to be impacted, here’s all the resistance issues. I have seen infomatrices that identify all those issues, and we have seen them be 20 pages long. Taking a spreadsheet that long into senior leadership is not how it’s going to work. Be very cautious that you don’t over-engineer the data collection. You have to have an intuitive sense where that balance is as you go to the leader for more time and as you figure out what you can do with the time that is required.

Don’t give up. You need the time, but also appreciate the fact that in that time effort you don’t skip any steps. You may just have to them pretty fast.

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