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What Makes People Impacted by Change Feel Like Partners in the Change Process? | Video Transcript

You call the people who are going to be impacted by the change “targets”? If you’ve worked with us before, you know that we do that. And that we do that very deliberately, and as I’ve explained to many of you, very provocatively.   And the reason is because that’s how they feel.

But our goal, your goal, is to really make them feel like partners in the change process. So, how do you go about doing that? We have to become very, very concentrated on that as an end state for good change management built into your organizations.

So, how do we make that happen? Well, think about it for a few moments from the Targets’ perspective. What would make them feel like partners in the change process?

Actually, we’re a little worried about what the answer is when we ask them that question. Because what we’ve done, we who are good change agents, we who have helped to build good sponsorship in our organizations, what we may be in danger of doing is creating what we at LaMarsh Global are calling a deliberate, provocative culture of letting the targets sit back, fold their arms, and wait for you and the leaders to help them to change. So there’s almost a dependency that they have developed because we’re so good at what we do.

Now, don’t stop doing what you’re doing. But let’s recontract with the people who are those Targets. Let’s make sure that they understand that they don’t get to be passive in this, that they have a role. They have a responsibility and that role and responsibility is to very systematically go through and think about what do they need to do for them to become partners in the change process and to contract for that.

We’ve written some books on this topic. I think we have some areas on our website that you might be interested in going and exploring a bit more to build partners.

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Jeanenne LaMarsh

Jeanenne, Executive Director of Consulting Services, founded LaMarsh & Associates, the predecessor to LaMarsh Global, and developed the innovative Managed Change™ model and methodology that has been used for effective change management by hundreds of organizations over the past decades. Connect with Jeanenne on LinkedIn here.


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