Training and certification

Change management training and certification for leaders and change practitioners.

New change management workshops added for 2022

Managed Change is your missing link

Use a change management method that is easy to use and applicable to real-life problems that organizations are seeking solutions for today.

Find clarity in complexity

The Managed Change methodology helps you proactively identify risks and navigate the change process with confidence.

Interactive workshops

Every session is facilitated by experienced change management consultants, who connect the theory to real-life examples.

Start managing change right away

All workshops, training and coaching are centered around immediately applying Managed Change.

LaMarsh Global has the tools, experience and background to provide the concepts, context and stories of how to deploy change management and the issues you might face.

Rita Barger

Master of Managed Change Certification Workshop Graduate

Change management training and certification

Graduates of the LaMarsh Global training programs are sought after because they leverage change for organizational success.


Open-enrolment change management training for emerging or experienced practitioners.


Become recognized as a change practitioner and leader ready to transform risk into opportunities.

Corporate training

Virtual or on-site training that is tailored to your organization’s goals and people.

One-on-one coaching

Take your training to the next level through personalized coaching, mentoring and consulting.
Who are the best candidates to be change practitioners?

Use our checklist to evaluate the skills and characteristics of candidates you are considering for change management roles.

Become a change leader

Anyone in a leadership position can use Managed Change to align individuals with the goals of a project or organization. LaMarsh Global offers training and support for all levels of competency and experience in leadership and managing change.

Project and team leads

Just as project management helps keep projects on time and on budget, change management is the method to improve acceptance and adoption of new practices.

Managers and HR teams

Managed Change uses straightforward methods to support your employees through all stages of a change to make sure the benefits are realized and sustained.

Executive leaders

Success depends on timely and strategic changes. Create a culture of innovation and respond to internal or external needs for more breakthrough moments.

Change practitioners

You can become a certified professional who guides organizations through the stages of a change – for everything from small projects to company-wide evolutions.